By Keith T Darling



We donate 15% of all profits to Dublin Samaritans suicide prevention.

Reddo The Fox of Coo-Lough is my first book release, a book for kids 3+. It is a story that teaches kids about diversity and inclusion. It does this by introducing subtle elements based around race, class and acceptance through the understanding that everyone is unique in their own way.

Reddo grew up in the town of Coo-lough (Loosely based on real town of Coolock, Dublin) where the entire community there are badgers. Reddo is introduced as a kind hearted intelligent type around his community. Among the community of badgers the younger generation have begun separating into rival gangs due to their differences in colour. The only differences they have is that some are black with white stripes and others white with black stripes. Reddo's parents also share these differences. Reddo notices these youth badgers are fighting on the street and tries to intervene to resolve the situation. They quickly dismiss him pointing out that he has nothing in common with either of them. Reddo confused, returns home to query this with with his parents where they reveal that Reddo was actually adopted from a place called Foxrock (Also a real place in Dublin.) Reddo then goes through somewhat of an existential crisis and goes back to the town where he feels he truly belongs only to find he feels more out of place than ever. When he returns to Coo-Lough, his parents explain the very reason he belongs there is to fulfil his purpose by helping the community. Armed with a new sense of belonging he returns to the rival gangs and explains both his own and their purpose to them showing that we're all different and unique and just how much the community needs that. They all decide to get along and play together in the end.

Becoming The Fox: The Importance of adaptation, is the second book I have written due to launch in 2022.

It is centred around my interpretation of life's challenges and how we can learn to adapt and grow from them. This in many ways is a self-help book but I have approached it in a non-traditional way. I reference times in my life in an autobiographical fashion that are full of drama, hope, and adventure. If you are kind enough to buy it today, my hope is that it helps you to begin to see yourselves and the world around you that little bit clearer. I am strongly guided by principals I have studied from philosophical and stoic legends like Socrates, Plato and Epicuris as well as more recent writing greats like Paulo Coelho, Jordan Peterson, Daniel Kahneman, Jay Shetty and my favourite author, Jack Kerouac.

I have made a commitment to donate 15% of all my books profits to charity and will do this continuously throughout my writing journey. There aint going to be just books here either I am always working on cool new products in line with the premise of the book so check out the store even if you're not a reader! 

Love, Keith <3